Welcome to the only home WadAuthor knows anymore. I wrote the software a long time ago and released it as shareware as an experiment. I could never have anticipated how richly you, the DOOM community, would reward me.

It's been quite a journey, and I'd like to thank a fellow on LinkedIn for reminding me to get back to the project. I've tried over the years, but honestly I've just been too busy living life—which also has taken me places I never expected to go.


This has been too long in coming, but with my blessing WadAuthor is now freeware. I haven't been able to get a release building yet with the latest tools, so in the meantime I offer the world the following license file for everyone to use. Just download that file and put it in your WadAuthor directory, replacing the existing file.

Thanks for such a great ride, folks, and happy map making!

Click here to download the WadAuthor freeware license